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 Gage International, Ltd.

Welcome to the website of Gage International, Ltd.! We offer a vast array of consulting services for the z/OS, SAP, and .Net environments.  Gage International, Ltd. also develops and markets tools for developers and custom application programs.

Gage International, Ltd. offers a wide range of consulting skills geared toward assisting small, medium, and Enterprise z/OS shops maintain and enhance their applications.  If you need assistance to design/develop, implement or enhance your applications, or to interface your applications, we can help!

Gage International, Ltd. firmly believes in exploiting available technology in our consulting engagements. Therefore, we make extensive use of telecommuting which eliminates the time and expense of travel. If you would like more information about our methodology, please ask! We can carry out our engagements from virtually anywhere, usually for much less cost than other consulting firms!